No More Basketball

The NBA season ended yesterday when the Lakers got swept (READ: whooped) by the Spurs. I used to have the same feeling after the Sonics bit the dust as a kid. And it’s not even news this morning because of Jason Collins announcement that he’s gay. But OH MY GOD IT WAS SO FUCKING DEPRESSING watching the Lakers, who were supposed to be this great Superteam for the ages, and wound up being old, slow, and totally disinterested in TRYING to be good. They seemed to believe their own hype… Or something. Looking back, it was injury after injury after injury that I remember. Never seen so many to one team. Still, at the end they had Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. Shouldn’t any team with those 2 guys on it be able to compete? I mean, ON SOME LEVEL? Watching them yesterday was just pathetic. I kept trying to get up for them. To try to cheer them on with some excitement and belief they could win. But it was apparent early on they didn’t have nearly that much confidence in themselves. I’ll watch the rest of the playoffs with some interest. But once the team you care about and follow is gone, what now?

Well, for me, THE INTERVIEW starts this evening. It’s a play that I’ll be doing, one that I knew could be coming up. I’ll be a soldier and I’ll be in the middle of some serious interrogating, Zero Dark style, which means I hope to be in much better shape in the next month or so. If THIS doesn’t get my fat, lazy ass in gear, what will?

Since nobody reads this, I hope to post some kind of timeline so there’s a record of what I’m doing with myself going forward. Look for THE INTERVIEW later this summer in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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