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Hair: Brown   Eyes: Hazel   Ht: 5’8”  Wt: 155


After The Blast                          Harry          Crows Nest Vertical Prods – Dir: Sam Saldivar

Held                                           Chris           Phileon Prods – Dir: Amanda Weier

Superhero Date                         Lead         USC Grad Film – Dirs: Richard Stark & Dion Watkins

The Conclusion                         Lead           Midnight Flowers Prods – Dir: Michael Flores

Superpowder                             Lead           Nourish The Soul Prods – Dir: Tenchi Hamaki

What Begins With A?                 Lead            Omni Productions


NCIS                                         Lt. Justin Grady             Supporting         CBS

Bill Nye the Science Guy           Germophobe                 Featured           Disney

Internet Series

Daddy Issues                           Cam                                                               Gemini Jane Productions

Night Watch                              Vampire Feeding Corpse                          Vespa Productions

Internet Advertising

Doritos                                       Naked Job Winner          SuperBowl Contest Finalist

Canon                                        Groom                             Innovate Media

Nightlight Adoptions                  Lab Tech                         Innovate Media

“Kleenex” Ad                               Salon Customer               Name That Brand, Inc.

Voice Over

KFC                                                      Regional

Seattle Mariners Baseball                   Seattle Local

“Totally For Kids” Safety                      Fox National

Nike                                                     Corporate Training Ad

Shooting in the Park                            Classroom Educational Sync w/ Video


The Zoo Story                         Peter                           Vigilante Prods / Open Fist Theater/LA*

One Year Later                       Elevator Repair           Open Fist Theater/LA*

Alternative Reality                 Himbo/Sean S. Picer   Open Fist Theater/LA*

The Interview                          Man 2                     Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Michael Franco**

Short Ends                               Jack – BFF                   Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Amanda Weier

Early & Often                           Peter Flynn               Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Ron West

Machinal                              Richard Roe               Open Fist Theatre/LA* Dir: Barbara Schofield

A Life of Ease                            June Bug                Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Amanda Weier

The Room                                 Marshall Field III     Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Michael Franco

Autobahn                                  Long Division         Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Amanda Weier

The Time of Your Life                Willie                     Open Fist Theatre/LA* – Dir:Stefan Novinski

Speaking In Tongues                 Nick                      Powerhouse Theatre/LA* – Dir:Stephen Spinella

The Cherry Orchard                  Yasha                   24th St. Theatre/LA – Dir:John Blankenship

This Is Our Youth                     Dennis                    Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Dir:Steve Josephson

The Heidi Chronicles                 Peter Patrone        Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Dir: Norma Pisar


University of Southern California – B.F.A. Acting, School of Theatre – Los Angeles, CA


Acting: Alan Langdon – Circle In The SquareTheatreSchool; Eve Roberts, Jim Wilson,

Jack Rowe, Alan Hendrick – USC; Daniel Renner – Denver Center Theatre

Voice/Speech: Rod Menzies, Brent Blair – USC

On Camera: Joseph Hacker – USC

Movement: Saben Epstein, Stephanie Schroyer – USC

Improvisation: Ed Sampson, Matt Smith – Stark Raving Theatre, Seattle; Erik Trules – USC

*Member – Open Fist Theatre Company (Hollywood, CA) since Feb, 2004
**Best of Fringe Selection

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