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2018 is looking far better than I hoped. So much going on. All those movies to close out the year were pretty great. I enjoyed Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. All pretty great. That may be hyperbole. But I’m tired of all the critics. Positivity. Not negativity. It’s 2018!!

I have some comments on those movies. And I’ll post them when I gather all the thoughts together. Check back here and on the Current Events page on the main menu.

The Zoo Story, by Edward Albee, is my next project, opening early February at the Atwater Village Theater. I’ll definitely be talking more about that very soon.



Reviews from recently wrapped show,  Welcome to Your Alternative Reality, Open Fist Theater Company. July/August 2017:
Stage Raw: “Recommended”
“The ensemble finds the authenticity and hearts in the many characters they embody, making the evening of short, mostly stand-alone sketches feel like a journey with an arc — a remarkable feat.”

Stage Scene, LA:
“…special snaps to Maddalena’s particularly eclectic mix of characters, from dumb stud to pretentious TV director to nerdy politico to Sean S. Picer”

Better Lemons: 88% BETTER!

Capital & Main:
“… the sketches…are brought to life by a mostly versatile ensemble with comic chops and a crisp sense of timing. And the most politically relevant material is always on-point.”


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