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‘The Wolverine’ Director’s Cut Changes Things

This is the 2nd time I’ve had to do this, so I guess the lesson is to take my instant reaction to a movie with a grain of salt.

I saw The Wolverine in theatres and was excited to do so. He is, after all, one of my favorite comic book characters. He’s a guy who’s fun to draw, has crazy attitude and some of the best mutant powers around.

The problem was the movie was only 70% good. A lot of the good stuff was skipped over in favor of wrapping it up in 2 hours and focusing on the fight with the main baddie. For those who haven’t seen the movie and don’t want SPOILERS, stop reading now.

It was bold to take away Logan’s adamantium claws. It’s happened in teh comics from time to time but since I haven’t followed the stories since the early 90s, I can’t really say how or when; just that it’s happened. So I’m glad they shot for the moon – taking risks is the only way to keep us in the audience surprised and it makes for some great character development. This was a good move. It’s just that the bad-guy-in-a-giant-metal-suit routine is something I’ve seen a lot of in recent years. And on the big screen, I wasn’t impressed with the CGI. I went straight to my computer and said The Wolverine was a Huge Disappointment. And that was a little harsh.

I recently gave it another shot, this time with the Director’s Cut of the movie. And wow was I wrong. This version fixed most of the things I had a problem with in the theatrical release. More fighting, more character developpment. More action, but more story.

Give it a shot and see for yourself! Good job movie-people!!