12/12/12 – ALL IS NOT LOST

So I ignored all the emails – like GoDaddy only sends important ones, right? Anyway, I ignored them and my website was completely removed from their servers. For $150, they can “recover” it. I firmly believe that’s a point/click away, and refuse to pay that money just to see last years blog posts. It’s a little sad, in that last year was a very busy Theatre year and I had live posts from backstage, pics from rehearsal, before and after shows, etc…. I may post some of that stuff again but I mostly intend to keep on looking FORWARD. It isn’t like everything was perfect – there were posts I had to remove and pics I hated looking at after some time passed, so I see this whole site crash as a blessing in disguise. I get a completely FRESH START.

The world is supposed to end a week from Friday. Today is November 12, 2012 (12/12/12) – the LAST time we’ll have a date like that in 100 years. It’s a good omen, I think.

Atomic Batteries to Power. Turbines to Speed. Lets DO THIS.


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